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30 Jun

Codeine has a low abuse potential.

A couple of years ago I tried to get a script of Tylenol 3 from Colorado Springs Health Partners and they made out like I was some kind of drug fiend. Then some plain clothes officers showed up to give me a look.

Finally they gave me a script of some synthetic (stripped down) version of codeine.

I took one pill and it made me so sick I couldn’t sleep all night. I ended up tossing the pills down the toilet.


The Great Whore of Babylon

30 Jun

The mental health hospital located in Pueblo has a history of swallowing up people. There is one way in and no way out.
But it took a dreadful turn for the worst when chemists synthesized Thorazine and in following years it’s phenothiazine derivatives all this starting around the mid-twentieth century. These are major tranquilizers meant to calm violent patients but were mistakenly used on a continual basis and given to every gosh darn patient they could find and get a hold of.

This looks like a perfectly good building. Over and over again buildings on the mental health campus were built and destroyed and often times the buildings that took their formers place were lesser than the buildings they replaced. Funds for upkeep of the buildings themselves were always missing.

Giant steps are what you take walking on the Moon

30 Jun

Walking on the Moon

30 Jun

Smog gonna get you pretty soon

30 Jun

Las Vegas

30 Jun

See this, it’s a smog blanket that hovers over Las Vegas nearly year round. Its a fucking pit and it’s not the only one, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Phoenix nearly every major American city suffers from this poison.

The Fall of Babylon

30 Jun

You took a vast unspoiled continent and within less than 500 years you raped, pillaged and desecrated it.