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Tears For Fears – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – ORIGINAL VIDEO

27 Mar

Image 27 Mar

Image 27 Mar

The Races of Man

26 Mar

Sometimes even, as among the Bavenda for example, the young men and women give themselves up to obscene “games.”  Uncivilized peoples among whom the loss of virginity would be considered dishonoring to a girl are somewhat rare.  Most of them treat it with indifference, and among some of them defloration is obligatory before marriage;  it is effected artificially or naturally by the parents (Batak, Pelew Islanders), by the matrons (Bissayas of the Philippines), by the priests (Cambodia) and even it is said, by persons paid for this kind of work.

J. Deniker, ScD. (Paris) 1852-1918,  The Races of Man (The Walter Scott Publishing Co, LTD, Paternoster Square, London E.C. ) p. 230

Say Uncle

26 Mar

Ed Kajs

Edward Kajs when in Army

Year ’62 or ’63

Born 1944

Married 1967

Go-Go’s Vacation 1982

26 Mar

Thе Gо Gо’s Неаd Оver Нееls

26 Mar